Kāuru Engagement is a service that helps you improve your engagement with Māori.  

The Kāuru conceptual framework comprises four phases: Te Kore, Te Pō, Te Ao Mārama and Te Mauri; applied to your organisation will enhance relationships and connections with your Māori audience.  

The Kāuru conceptual framework  supports a Māori perspective in numerous contexts.

Phase 1

In our creation stories Te Kore represents a realm of potential where anything could eventuate. Otherwise known as the void.
Te Kore is the phase of potential energy, disarray and possibilites.

Te Kore

The state of chaos when all things are and are not

Phase 2

This phase of creation promotes organic and natural development. Te Pō is a time darkness for negotiation, consideration and organisation.

Te Pō

The state of formation when all things become

Phase 3

Te Ao Mārama in creation is the result of Tāne separating his parents where Ranginui is above and Papatūānuku is below.
This phase promotes understanding, enlightenment and emerging outputs.

Te Ao Mārama

The state of emergence where all things are realised

Phase 4

Mauri is imbued into living objects by trained tohunga to stimulate its existence.
It is also helpful to see Te Mauri as a form of obligation and accountability to maintain a strong connection with spiritual and physical elements.

Te Mauri

The spiritual essence and energy of Māori deity

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